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We are #UnitedCitizens

The Fourth Group and partners are running a global inquiry into citizens in the digital age. Our joint mission is to develop a citizen-led Global Agenda which outlines the major problems caused by technology and a set of responses. This Global Agenda will act as a guide to enact real world change, led by people like you. It will form the foundations of a union of citizens that works together to ensure the fourth industrial revolution leads to progress for all, leaving nobody behind. This is our manifesto-building process: We hope you join us in our cause. We will be stronger with you.

How you can shape the Global Agenda.

Come together
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Unite and change the world
This inquiry is a chance for you to share what you believe are the main problems caused by technology, and how you think we are citizens should respond. You can do this by filling out our online survey or hosting a conversation in your community.

Set Global Agenda.

As a result of our conversations worldwide, we will develop a Global Agenda which will include an action plan for addressing the issues raised in our inquiry. This will be launched at Politics Summit 2018 on 13th November in London.

Action & impact.

In 2019 and beyond, The Fourth Group community will bring together citizens worldwide and develop leaders to achieve the goals set out in the new Global Agenda, to ensure technology helps us all progress, leaving nobody behind.

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"Technology is transforming the world - it's time we come together as global citizens and take back control. The Fourth Group's inquiry is an example of the sort of stuff that needs to happen: Having an open dialogue about what we want from tech, finding common ground, and working together to make it happen. Join me by engaging with the inquiry."

Jamie Bartlett Author of "The People vs Tech"

"The world needs a global conversation to figure out how people can shape the fourth industrial revolution so that it benefits everyone. That is why I'm excited to support The Fourth Group's inquiry and encourage every citizen to get engaged. Change is inevitable, but progress is optional. Speak up!"

Andrew Stern President Emeritus, Service Employees International Union

The organising team.

Malini Mehra
CEO, GLOBE Legislators
Lord David Neuberger
Baron of Abbotsbury
Toni Cowan-Brown
Vice President, NationBuilder
Peter Ptashko
Director, Global Social Entrepreneurship Network
Tanya Filer
Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge
Jon Barnes
Author, Democracy Squared
John Lazar CBE
Former CEO, MetaSwitch Ltd
Alvin Carpio
Founder & CEO, The Fourth Group
Tat-Seng Chiam
Head of Operation, The Fourth Group
Alina O'Keeffe
Head of Digital, The Fourth Group
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