Africa’s Fintech sector grows.

The African technology market is growing rapidly. The adoption of new technology from other areas of the globe is speeding up the development of innovations in Africa, which is embracing the Digital Revolution.

In 2020, African companies received a record $1 billion in investment. 700 million dollars of the billion go to IT companies. The emergence of several tech centers in Africa is one of the key drivers of tech startup development. According to, Africa’s IT centers gained 50% in 2019. With 85 and 80 tech centres respectively, Nigeria and South Africa lead the way.

The Fintech sector is one of the most dynamic and important in the startup environment. The term “Fintech” is derived from the terms “financial technology” and refers to any services that aim to help firms and individuals automate financial activities. Among the most popular industries are health, education, banking, and investing.

The growth of internet banking firms is an excellent illustration of Fintech activity. With no fixed expenses of operating physical locations,

online banking becomes quite popular. As a result, internet banks may give their customers free accounts, meaning no fees for saving or using credit cards.

Kuda Bank is a fantastic example of an African internet bank. The Nigerian startup received a $10 million seed investment in 2020 and has grown exponentially since. Co-founder and CEO Babs Ogundeyi has not only improved the lives of consumers, but is also encouraging policies inside his firm to encourage the recruitment of female workers, therefore bridging the gender gap in the IT sector, a problem that affects everyone, not just Africans.

Mobile-based payments are increasingly gaining popularity in Africa. Thanks to the internet and online markets, services like PayPal (created by Tesla CEO Elon Musk) have become worldwide phenomena.

Mobile-based payments are becoming vital for many internet platforms, including online casinos like those mentioned on This website includes a list of South African casinos that accept Neteller, PaybyPhone, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The ability to pay using a mobile device is one of the key reasons for the industry’s development.

Flutterwave is now one of Africa’s fastest growing payment systems. It is present in 12 African nations, including Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon, as well as the United Kingdom.

Flutterwave describes itself as a payment processor. It now takes over 150 currencies and offers payment cards, payment connections for external clients, and even an online shop for businesses to sell their products and services. They’ve completed over 100 million transactions totaling $5 billion and obtained a $35 million financing round in 2020. According to, the firm is currently valued at over $1 billion, making it one of the few “Unicorns” on the African continent.

Other areas, including healthcare, are seeing the growth of companies like Medsaf, which connects pharmaceutical suppliers with hospitals and pharmacies, and Hellium Health, which provides medical services in numerous African nations. Only in 2020 did both firms raise 3.5 million and 10 million dollars.

Global investors are aware of Africa’s digital startup scene, and investments will likely increase in the next years, giving nations new avenues to expand their economies and hope for long-term success.

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