Review of Trump It Blackjack

Fugaso, located in the former Soviet Union, takes aim at the American commander-in-chief with the fun Trump It Blackjack game. It is a traditional card game with a novel twist in which some of the playing cards feature known faces, and you may not be shocked to find who has been selected as the Joker.

Despite the fact that the Fugaso website provides little information about the firm, we can see that their games are certified as fair, mobile-optimized, and available in many languages, including English. We don’t know how successful this game will be in the United States, but with Trump being such a contentious figure, it will undoubtedly appeal to a large number of gamers worldwide. Fugaso is an acronym for Future Gaming Solutions, and the majority of Fugaso casino games are slot machines, with a few table and card games also available.

Trump It Blackjack is available in both a single-deck and a six-deck variant, but we’ll focus on the single-deck game, since that’s the one where experienced players can cut the house edge to approximately 1%, making it one of the casino games with the highest return to player percentage.

Trump It Blackjack Game

On the surface, this seems to be a regular online casino Blackjack game, with the exception of the design. Behind the table is a depiction of the Stars and Stripes draped over an antique table, but the most apparent American connection is the American flag-covered table itself. It may be a little distracting, and although we understand the reasoning behind the game’s design, it might make it initially more difficult to notice what’s happening.

The backs of the playing cards include a second American flag, and the chips have been decorated with stars and stripes to complement the theme. There are different cartoon pictures of previous and current Presidents, presidential want tobes, and First Ladies that bring a comedic touch – the proceedings, and presenting Donald Trump in a jester’s cap is a fun way to do it. The animations are as fluid as one would hope, and the visuals are clearly up to the high expectations of today’s punters.

The chip amounts are 0.25, 1.25, 1.25, 1.25, 5.10, and 20 cents, and the highest bet is 20.00, so high rollers seeking enormous jackpots may want to search elsewhere.

Standard Betting Alternatives

It just takes a click to put your wagers, and then it’s time for the dealers’ cards to be dealt. Standard Blackjack rules apply, with the dealer striking on a soft 17 and a payout of 3 to 2 for a natural Blackjack. There are the alternatives to Hit or Stand, or, if the cards have the same value, to Split and play two hands. If the dealer is displaying an Ace, insurance is available for a wager equal to 50 percent of your original bet, which is returned at odds of 2 to 1 if the dealer gets blackjack.

The alternative gamble game that will be given after each winning hand is an intriguing addition. When you click this button, a face-down playing card that alternates between red and black will appear. If you believe the suit of the card will be red, you click the red button, and if you believe it will be black, you click the black button.

As a courtesy, the five most recent outcomes are shown, but don’t let that deceive you; each turn’s outcome is 50/50. If you make a right selection, your win will be doubled, and you may either collect it or attempt to double it again until the maximum bet is achieved.

Our Perspective on Trump It Blackjack

This game is a good complement to the famous Trump It video slot machine and includes the same cartoonish aesthetic. We enjoy the photographs of recognized faces, such as Obama, Hillary Clinton, (we believe) Melina Trump, and, of course, Donald himself, the pack’s Joker.

There will be Trump fans who are angered by this game, but the majority of gamers, particularly those from outside the United States, will love it for its humorous look at American politics. It is a conventional Blackjack game, available in single-deck and six-deck formats.

High-quality animations and design are conventional, but the gamble function is a pleasant, though not very original, addition that may transform a moderate victory into a significant one if you’re lucky enough to choose the proper card color several times.

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