How to Play Sic Bo in a Casino

There’s no need to panic if the Sic Bo table layout looks confusing at first. This is because, after learning the different bets available, Sic Bo becomes a very simple game to enjoy.

There are a wide variety of possible outcomes on the dice that players can wager on at the Sic Bo table.



The less risk you pose to your bankroll through ignorance, the better. Read the strategy guide before playing Sic Bo so you know what your best and worst betting options are.


Gamblin’ at Sic Bo

In a game of Sic Bo, you can wager on fifteen distinct dice rolls. Before placing any bets with real money, you should be aware that the odds of winning vary according on the type of bet you place. Different Sic Bo games and online casinos will have different instances of payoff odds. You should do your homework on the payoff odds of Sic Bo before playing for real money at a casino.


Both large and small wagers are paid at odds of 1:1.

The sum of the three dice is eleven to seventeen, which is a large number.

Miniscule: The sum of the three dice is under 10.

Both wagers will be lost if a three of a kind appears.

The left and right sides of a Sic Bo table are typically reserved for the larger wagers.

Gambling advice is available here.


Odds Bet

wagers on a single digit. Dice numbers from one to six are shown below.

The lowest portion of the Sic Bo table is dedicated to single-number wagers.

These bets are placed with the expectation that the dice will roll a certain number of times. You win as much as you bet if your wager shows up on just one of the dice. You’ll win twice as much if you roll a two, and three times as much if you roll a three on the dice.

Gamble on a Pair

The pair bets in Sic Bo are played in the table’s central section.

Pair bets are placed on two distinct outcomes, such as the numbers one and two, four and six, five and six, etc.

If two matching numbers appear on three dice, you win.

Payouts for pairs bets are 5:1.

Wagers Taken

Total bets are made with the expectation that the sum of the three dice will be either four or seventeen.

One of the riskiest wagers in Sic Bo is the total bet, although the winnings are huge.

The sum of all wagers is displayed at the table’s geographic center in Sic Bo.

Specific The Complete Set of DicePayout

Sixty to one, or four

To the power of 30:1, either 5 or 16 can be used.

Sixteen to one (17:1)

It’s a 7:14 shot.

A ratio of 8:1 or 13:1

Multiples of 6:1 for ages 9, 10, 11, and 12

Bet Twice

You place double bets on the outcome of the roll of the three dice, hoping that a certain pair will come up.

Any twos, especially fours or fives.

Double-bet permutations total fifteen.

Payouts on doubles are 5:1.

Triple Gamble

Triple bets are placed with the expectation that a certain combination of threes will be rolled with all three dice.

The sequence goes as follows: 3 3’s, 3 6’s, 3 5’s, etc.

The maximum payout is 150:1 for a triple.

The triple bets in Sic Bo can be found in the second row of the very top of the table.

Bets on a Fleury-Mathis Treble?

If you place a wager on a triple bet, you want to see at least one of the three dice rolled.

Triples typically pay off at 30:1.

In the centre, near the triple bets, is the ‘any triple’ box.

All of the possible wagers in Sic Bo are listed here. You’ll be able to place educated wagers once you’ve studied the Sic Bo table arrangement. By doing so, you increase your odds of success. Playing Sic Bo for free at a reputable online casino is the ideal way to put your expertise to the test.

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