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Global Elections 2019


United Citizens is a global democratic membership organisation established in January 2019 to unite people around the world to address global issues. Our first mission is to shape the fourth industrial revolution for all, leaving nobody behind.

Earlier this year, our founding members voted for the issue they wanted to campaign on. They chose “democratic accountability of tech leaders”.

Now, between August and October 2019, members will vote for two Global Co-Representatives who will represent members and help create United Citizens’ constitution in an inaugural one-year term.

This election is significant for two reasons: First, it is the first global election we will organise. And second, at the end of the election, members’ will have voted for representatives who will represent them and help shape United Citizens’ founding constitution.

Here are the key dates:


– Briefing, guidelines/rules, and candidates’ application form published


– 6th: Online video AMA (ask me anything) between Secretariat, members, and potential candidates (to be confirmed)

– 30th: Deadline for members to apply to be candidates


– 9th: Candidates announced and election campaigning begins

– 16th: Profiles and manifestos and videos of candidates published on United Citizens’ website

– 21st: Online video debate  (to be confirmed)


– 8th: #UnitedCitizensElections Twitter conversation (to be confirmed)

– 14th to 20th: Vote week

– 23:59 BST on 20th – Election campaigning deadline

– 23rd: Global Co-Representatives announced


– 19th: Global representatives’ first public appearance at Politics Summit 2019


See below for FAQs. If you have other questions, feel free to email our team: unitedcitizens@fourth.group.


  • A global and online election for members of United Citizens to vote for their Global Co-Representatives.
  • This is United Citizens’ first international election, and the elected members will be our inaugural representatives.


  • Candidates: Members who put themselves forward in the election. Members will vote for which candidate(s) they want to be their Global Co-Representatives.
  • Voters: Individuals who have registered for paid membership to United Citizens.
  • Global Co-Representatives: Two members of United Citizens elected by the membership. Both are responsible for representing members internally and in public. In the pilot inaugural year, they will be in position for a one-year term and are expected to attend four meetings (online or offline) with the Secretariat to co-organise. Their number one priority in year one will be to help develop United Citizens’ founding constitution. They will also be responsible for reaching out to and speaking on behalf of members.
  • Secretariat: Team members who are responsible for administration and organisation of the elections.


  • Ensure members have representative leaders
  • Provide a voice of members at the highest level
  • Develop leadership
  • Enable grassroots participation and discussion
  • Pilot our theses about an ideal global democracy organised online


  • August to October 2019
  • Schedule of election is available above


  • Anybody from any part of the world with access to the internet can become a member of United Citizens and vote
  • Debates and conversations will happen online during video town halls and Twitter debates
  • The online vote will take place on our website


  • Members will vote online using their membership number
  • Candidates will mainly campaign online to reach an international audience
  • There is also a Twitter conversation and online video debate provisionally scheduled