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We are United Citizens

The results are in

Earlier this month, members of United Citizens voted for the issue they want to campaign on first. Here are the results of the second and final round.

Vote period: 8th to 14th April 2019
Registered voters: 135
Votes cast: 44
Turnout: 33%


IssueVotesPercentage of votes
Democratic accountability of tech leaders2966%
Disinformation and fake news1534%

We have a clear winner: “Democratic accountability of tech leaders” has received the highest number and share of votes.

Next steps
1. The United Citizens team will share the results to our followers and the wider community.
2. Next we will develop a campaign plan, including goals, tactics, funding strategies, stakeholder-mapping, marketing strategies, schedule, and actions.
3. We will then share this plan.
4. Then we all act.

“This vote is a huge milestone for United Citizens. Our members have collectively voted for the first issue we will campaign on in 2019. The vote took place online across ten countries and three continents. For us, this is a small example of how digital and international democracy can work. Now – no matter what you voted for – we need to unite and come together to make a difference on this matter. First, our team will develop a strategic plan to support our collective campaigning efforts which will follow. Thank you to all of you who participated. We voted, next we plan, then we act. Let’s show how United Citizens is serious about the business of shaping the fourth industrial revolution for all, leaving nobody behind. Let’s do this!”
– Alex, Alvin, Cyrille, and Yue (United Citizens Team)

Questions: If you have any enquiries, email us UnitedCitizens@fourth.group.